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Employee Staffing

Our mission at Appsika is to deliver staffing administration solutions at a great value proposition. With innovative technology and well managed processes, we provide a best in class service at the lowest costs in the industry thus adding tremendous value to your business.

Appsika offers a proven staffing solution that helps employers control workforce management costs.

Appsika provides regionally dispersed input screens and customized reporting to all its clients while employees enjoy payslips, tax calculators, flexiplan declarations and much more on the web

Our Clients access their workforce talent with the knowledge and comfort that we ensure total Compliance with PF, PT, ESI, LWF, TDS etc. across more than 400 locations through a dedicated compliance team. With over 8000 workers Nationwide, Appsika is clearly emerging as the service provider of choice for any organization which wants to experience value.

Employee Administration

  • Validating Job and Employee profiles
  • Compensation structuring
  • Benefits Management and Administration
  • Managing Employee appointments and induction
  • Processing and validation of attendance and leave records
  • Administering social security and statutory obligations
  • Processing Payroll
  • Processing Reimbursements
  • Processing Incentives
  • Managing employment related taxes
  • Administering Accident Insurance
  • Administering Medical Insurance
  • Managing Compliance
  • Maintaining service records & HRIS