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Outsourcing Delivery Model

Now a days, Outsourcing is a proven strategic way to reduce and control operating costs, improve company focus and gain access to world-class IT processes.

One of the most innovative ways Appsika saves clients money and stays attentive to their unique business needs is through flexible delivery and resource management. Our Outsource Delivery Model provides clients with blended onsite, offsite and offshore teams customized to meet each client's requirements.

The Outsource Delivery Model is flexibly designed to reduce labor costs while maintaining high quality standards. The foundation of the Outsource Delivery Model is Appsika's strong commitment to quality DELIVERY MANAGEMENT, the integration of world-class project management, methods and tools. Regardsless of location we ensure consistency of process via global access to our knowledge Management System.

The management of blended onsite, offsite and offshore teams is integrated into Appsika's outsourcing methodology. Key to ultimate success is the consistency of the local onsite team, their strong partnership with clients and the lessons learned in managing people, processes and technologies in multiple locations. Because we are so confident in our ability to provide a flexible delivery and resource model that drives costs down for our clients and because Appsika's Outsource Delivery Model is so easily scalable we can take a subset of applications as a proof of concept and phase in new applications quickly.