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Technical Expertise

Software Services possess the expertise on whole range of technologies that can be used to develop efficient software products. We always choose most feasible and efficient technology for designing and developing solutions and believe that it works as a base that caters to the exact business needs. We provide you with a strikingly balanced software development and minimal project duration, availing you the otherwise rare cost advantage for your business.

Tools & Accelerators: Investing in Experience

Appsika Soft Tech offers a broad range of accelerators to improve the speed of implementations and upgrades. The accelerators are based on our deep knowledge of the requirements for specific implementations and industries.

Appsika Soft Tech consistently invests in the development of new innovations. For instance, we recently introduced the Optimizer service for SAP ERP 6.0, a significant event that is continued evidence of our leadership in the SAP application domain. The tools and accelerators we provide our clients are cost effective and quick ways to solve what could otherwise be characterized as significant business issues.

    Industry Oriented
  • Professional Services - ProServ360 SAP Business All in One
  • CP - Livestock SAP Business All In One
  • Discrete Manufacturing SAP Business All In One
  • Cement and Fertilizer industry Business Process Frameworks
  • Pharma Express on Oracle EBS
  • Alternate Energy Accelerator for Oracle EBS implementation
    Business Process Related
  • HCM Pro Solution
  • Supply Chain Efficiency Analyzer
  • Business Process Analyzer
  • BEST for Functional Health check
  • IFRS Assessment Framework
  • In Market Sales Analytics
  • Production Manufacturing Cost Analyzer
  • Integrated Data Logging Solution
  • Dart Solution for Tax Audits
  • AP Invoice Processing Automation
  • Workforce Express
  • Contract Express
  • ETO Process Express
  • Cold Chain Solution
    Lifecycle Oriented
  • Uptimizer (SAP, EBS)
  • Uptimizer ND, BI
  • ArchivePac
  • HotPac Analyzer
  • iTran Framework
  • iQDOT
  • iMerge
  • Configurator Enhancer
  • Password Reset Manager
  • Best Practice Analyzer
  • eLearning Open Source Solution
  • Interface Framework engine
  • Offline Transaction Engine
    Execution Oriented
  • Request
  • K-Portal
  • Delivery Management Tool
  • AMS Enhancer Tool
  • iEstimate framework
  • Reusable Component Repository (100)
  • KPI reporting
  • Dashboards (Customer, Supplier, Profitability, Sales, Marketing, Spend)
  • MOSS implementation Accelerator
  • RevU Solution
  • Business Process Test Script
  • Framework for ERP Accelerated Testing


SAP Solutions

We provide services to companies globally ranging in size from mid-sized businesses to the Fortune 50. Our vast experience, high skilled consultants, and proprietary tools allow us to help companies make informed decisions about their business strategies, whether it is planning an upgrade, global rollout, or taking advantage of the new SAP service bundles included in the Enhancement Packages.

Our expertise and capabilities in implementing and maintaining complex ERP environments translates into unmatched efficiency for our customers, while reducing overall costs and timelines.

    Services include
  • Implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Global Rollouts
  • Testing Automation
  • Application Management Services


Oracle Solutions

In-depth delivery capabilities have enabled multiple organizations with accelerated, innovative and cost effective business transformations. We have provided services across the entire lifecycle of Oracle application and technology portfolio. As an Oracle Center of Excellence (CoE), we utilize our proprietary implementation methodology to define and analyze your core business processes, develop realistic project management plans and implement the application solely based on your business objectives. Our robust experience across multiple industries with leading best practices, business reference models, templates repository, tools and project accelerators help customers with accelerated approach to capture market opportunities.

    Complete Oracle Lifecycle Support
  • Package Evaluation
  • Application Management & Support
  • Health Checks
  • Implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Rollouts
  • License Reselling



With a special focus on product development using J2EE framework, open source technology and EAI solutions, Appsika Soft Tech provides customers with technically sound and easily scalable solutions at most competitive costs.

Services & Solutions Portfolio

Using underlying technologies like B2Bi, EAI, Web Service and work flows, Appsika Soft Tech has experience in delivering functionally rich solutions like:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Employee Self Services
  • Management Dashboard
  • e-Procurement
  • Lead to Order
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Travel Portals

Our solutions offer maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and leverage as much of your existing IT infrastructure and skills as possible.


B2Bi and EAI

Appsika Soft Tech has experience in providing custom EAI and B2B solutions built using tools and technologies like web Methods, J2EE, Web services and so on. Our reusable repository of tools and components helps in reducing the development and testing time. Appsika Soft Tech has a repository of wizard-based tools for code generation to speed up the development process.

Product Designing and Development

With highly skilled architects and developers, Appsika Soft Tech builds strategic business application while our clients can stay focused on their core business. We also engage with product development companies and share with them the advantages of strong process awareness and technical depth.

Testing Services

Appsika Soft Tech also offers support services like testing and QA to its customers. This service is offered through onsite as well as offshore engagement models. Solutions offered include setting up a testing backbone (e.g. using Silk suite of products), testing outsourcing, and preparing test cases based on functional requirements.

Interface Designing Services

Appsika Soft Tech is an interdisciplinary design firm with expertise in a broad range of areas. Our goal is to create intelligent, custom communication solutions for analog and digital media. These solutions are the result of collaboration between our strategists, researchers, designers and technologists. Following are our key service offerings in this area:

  • Provide a combination of interaction modeling, information architecture and visual interface design, For example, Website design, Flash application development, software interface design, micro-sites and exhibits
  • We work with clients to help articulate their basic brand strategy. For example Stationery and Graphics standard
  • We work with clients to create smart communications, which involve visual design and technology expertise to create compelling vehicles to carry the message, For example, marketing collaterals and Proofs of concept


Microsoft Solutions

We provide e-business solutions including:

    Portal & Content Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Knowledge Management
  • Extended Business Process
  • E-commerce
  • Social Networking - Web 2.0
    Business Integration
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Desktop to Enterprise
  • Handheld to Enterprise
  • EAI
    Business Intelligence
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Secondary Sales
  • Productivity Dashboards
  • Finance Scorecards
  • Data Transformation


Cloud Computing/On-Demand/SaaS

Enterprises today are grappling with the question as to how Cloud Computing fits in with their IT strategy and the way they deploy infrastructure and develop applications. Cloud Computing has evolved from being the latest industry buzzword to reality today. While the cloud initially became popular with startup companies and independent developers, CIOs of both large and mid-market companies are now challenging their teams to figure out the cloud in their IT sky. At Appsika Soft Tech, we believe that the cloud can help create the intelligent and agile enterprise. It can help enter new markets quickly, launch new products, and reduce IT operating costs. Agility, flexibility, and enhanced user experience will drive the move to the cloud. This will have to be balanced with considerations pertaining to risk, security, and data issues.

Cloud computing can be deployed in various ways including Software As a Service (SaaS), Platform As a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) or Business Process as a Service. We believe that for larger enterprises, Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) will see quicker adoption.

Both the leading ERP vendors including Oracle and SAP provide various cloud computing solutions. These include Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). For example, both Oracle and SAP offer CRM-On Demand as SaaS offerings. SAP is offering On Demand Business Intelligence solutions leveraging their Business Objects solutions. Oracle also enables enterprises to deploy Oracle technologies in public clouds like the Amazon Web Services environment. Companies can today deploy their Oracle 11g database and Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions to the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS).



Enterprises today are all figuring out what their Web 2.0 strategy should be and how best to exploit new applications and tools including enterprise portals, social networking, business networking, communities, blogs, RSS feeds, Wikis, web services, and mash-ups. Successful exploitation of Web 2.0 can result in several benefits that include top line growth, Co-Innovation, Enhanced Customer Service, Co-Marketing/Co-Branding, Increased Internal Collaboration and Employee productivity, and Knowledge Sharing. Then there is the question of how best to leverage Open Public Platforms such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google. At the heart of all this is increased Collaboration and Relationship building that translates into quantifiable business benefits. Our Web 2.0 projects for our customers have delivered a clear ROI.

Before you embark on your Web 2.0 initiatives, you should make sure that these are aligned with your core business strategy. The choice of the right Web 2.0 platform is also critical. Appsika Soft tech has experience across a host of platforms including Microsoft (MOSS-Microsoft SharePoint Portal), IBM, Jive Software, Oracle, and SAP.

In the Web 2.0 world, Virtualization is another aspect that one needs to incorporate. Companies are trying to collaborate on strategies, concepts and solutions around business process-driven virtualization a technology strategy that allows customers to run scenarios completely integrated with a virtualization infrastructure. We can help companies embrace virtualization.